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Apartments are small, but that doesn't concern us!

Apartments are small, but that doesn't concern us!

With honesty and transparency on our side, we’ll base the price of your move on the apartment size, and there will be no hidden fees or charges. Our crew will be there on time and will be prepared to make your transition as easy and smooth as possible. We aim to be the utmost professional, courteous, and caring team — all of which translates into everything we do. Our customers hold high expectations for how their belongings should be handled, and we strive to exceed those expectations — beyond the miles of your move.

Moving is never easy, but Swamp Rabbit Moving is here to lighten the load. Everything is easier when you have a helping hand. We thank you for choosing Swamp Rabbit Moving, as our highest priority is customer satisfaction. Between unbeatable pricing and combined years of experience in the Greenville area, you’re sure to get exactly what you want when moving day arrives!

Top-Rated Apartment Movers!

Swamp Rabbit Moving has made huge strides in the realm of movers. We have made a name for ourselves by providing both residential and commercial moving services that not only meet the expectations of our clients but also go far beyond those expectations. Why? Because client satisfaction is our highest priority. We strive to work with every customer as if we were family, and this entails prompt response times, providing courteous and efficient service, and exceeding expectations in both work and customer service.

There are a few things you should consider when choosing a moving company. The first is experience. Movers have gone through countless adjustments and transitions in their business lives and have to be ready for any new challenges they may face. Second is reputation. The market tends to be more stringent when it comes to digging into how a company handles its moving duties. You need someone who has been reliable and respectful in their work. Lastly, a good moving company will have top-notch customer service should you have any issues or questions about moving.

We Take the Hassle Out of Moving

There’s almost nothing more stressful than moving — except maybe having to deal with a moving company that treats you poorly. Many people dread moving day, but when you work with Swamp Rabbit Moving, we make it something to look forward to. With a hassle-free experience and a company that does everything it can to make your experience more convenient and, overall, more positive, you’ll actually enjoy the process. Finding a mover that actually cares has never been easier. Swamp Rabbit Moving moves apartments and homes of all sizes throughout the Southeast, and trust us when we say we’re experts at apartment moves! We’ll make sure your timing and budget are met and communicated to you throughout every step of the process.

What Are Some Of The Difficulties Moving An Apartment?

So, you’ve decided to move out of your apartment or townhouse. You get to your new home and realize it’s not as easy as you thought it would be. Now you’re stressed, worried about how you’re going to get the furniture in, and afraid you might break something.

With Swamp Rabbit Moving on your side, you don’t have to worry about a thing. With the help of our Rabbits, you can rest assured that your belongings and furniture will be handled with the highest level of care. We also offer DIY moving kits for packing supplies, so you can choose the services that best fit your needs.

Crowded Parking Lots

Similar to a commercial move, there are many other residents living in a larger complex, which means a moving truck needs to be in the perfect spot so it doesn’t impede the flow of traffic. This can be a drawback, as the moving company ideally needs to be as close as possible to a clear moving path. The farther away the truck needs to be parked, the harder it can be for movers to load and unload the trucks

Smaller Spaces

Unlike a house that has a more open floor plan and more square footage, an apartment can be much more difficult to navigate (especially when it’s crowded with large boxes of personal belongings ready for the truck). And with a front door that is self-closing, moving bulky furniture can be much more difficult when entering and exiting. This requires movers to often prop open the door.

Narrow Stairwells

Carrying large items up and down narrow stairways is difficult and requires patience and understanding of object size to the clear path. You can’t carry a sofa the long way down the stairs! This means the moving team has to maneuver the sofa from the sides, where there is not much surface area to lift. Fortunately, we have moving equipment we can utilize to assist in moving such items.

Things To Do Before Moving From An Apartment

In many instances, there are additional costs when moving out of a rental, and it can be a very unfortunate aspect of an apartment. Between the pre-move inspection and the post-move walkthrough, the maintenance team or landlord will make detailed notes regarding the condition of the unit. Here are things to do and look out for prior to your move:

  1. Confirm with the property manager or management team that there is no outstanding balance. Nobody wants to move into a new place and have the financial inconvenience of the past come back to haunt them. It’s best to have this conversation when giving notice of the move.
  2. Do your own walkthrough or inspection of your apartment. Look over the carpets and other areas and confirm there are no stains, debris, or damage that can amount to fines. Ensure that the appliances are all in good working order (or, at least, in the same condition as your move-in). You don’t want to pay to replace an appliance.
  3. A good idea with any move is to have the utilities set up before you move into your new apartment. This way you’ll be comfortable when you arrive.


We pride ourselves in providing the best moving services, at the very best price.

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