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what is a specialty move?

Specialty moving refers to moving objects that are not traditional furniture pieces and boxes. These items often call for more skilled and experienced movers to handle. Specialty items can include (but are not limited to) hot tubs, pool tables, pianos, and more.

A higher price tag is usually attached to these items, and not just the original sale price — the inherent value of these items is typically high, too. If you’re looking for a specialty moving company in Greenville, South Carolina, contact Swamp Rabbit Moving to handle your move!

What Items Are Considered Specialty Moving?

There is a variety of items that can be considered for a specialty move. Some variables depend on size, whether it is a common item or not, the techniques required to move it, whether it requires special equipment to move, and a few others.

Some of the more common specialty moves we have seen include:


Pianos are large, complex objects with a lot of oddly shaped curves. With their number of pieces, weight, and delicate nature, pianos fall under the specialty moving category. Frequently, pianos are passed down from family members and may even be considered antiques. When these heirlooms are being moved from home to home, they require a seasoned and delicate touch. The team at Swamp Rabbit Moving adores out-of-the-norm moves, so contact us for your piano moving needs today!

Hot Tub Moving

Who doesn’t enjoy a good hot tub? Unfortunately, not every moving company can handle moving these items. Our team is experienced in items that fall outside the scope of “normal” moves, and they’re ready to take on any challenge. Moving a hot tub can be quite involved, as the water needs to be drained thoroughly prior to the move. If this move isn’t handled properly, certain sensitive pieces can break, putting the moving company in a tough spot — and needing to repair or replace the hot tub. This can be a huge inconvenience for clients.

Fine Art & Antique Moving

Collecting fine art or antiques is a great hobby. The rush of finding that one piece you’ve been chasing — nothing compares! On the other hand, having to move these items from one home to another can be stressful and worrying. You don’t want any of your collectibles getting damaged, as these pieces typically have a high price tag on them. Working with an experienced mover in Greenville is your best bet for easing your worries and making sure your prized possessions are kept safe and sound.

Pool Table Moving

You may think it’s easy to move a pool table, but they do come with their difficulties. Some pool tables come custom-made, which makes them more expensive than purchasing a standard one from a major retailer. Not only do you have to consider size and weight, but these items have a large number of additional pieces, such as cues and balls. They can be easy to damage or misplace, so working with an experienced specialty mover is recommended.


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