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What would you consider College Moving?

Deciding to live on campus requires a fair amount of personal property. Between your clothes, small furniture pieces, decorations, a mini fridge, and not to mention all your school supplies — there’s a lot to remember to bring!

That’s why we recommend having a skilled Greenville moving company help you relocate your belongings from your home to your new room or apartment at the college or university you’ll be attending.

Is It Difficult To Move At A College Campus?

Unlike home moving, there are some obstacles that a mover will face at a college campus. Below, you’ll find some of the most common hindrances that stand in the way of anyone trying to move into a new dormitory.

Smaller Spaces

It’s no secret that college campuses are set up to house a large number of students. In turn, living spaces tend to be a lot smaller than traditional apartments. Depending on the arrangements, the person moving in may have a roommate. This limited space makes it hard to navigate larger items in and out of the unit. However, working with a moving company that knows how to work within these confines can be a huge help.

Crowded Parking Lots

With the sheer number of students also trying to move into their dormitories, the parking situation can be difficult not only for students but also for moving companies. Depending on the time of day the move is scheduled for, it may be tough to get a spot close to a specific dorm. This can make the move itself more difficult, as the crew will have to carry items farther distances.

Restricted Hours

Most Colleges have set hours and days during which students can move in or out. This can be extremely limiting time-wise, as the moving company needs to make sure the job is completed within the allotted time period.

Inexpensive College Moving

We understand that college students often work with constrained budgets, so we do our best to provide affordable pricing. Our team loves to work with college students and help them get moved into their new living arrangements. If you’re looking for a Greenville college moving company or are looking to attend school out of state, contact Swamp Rabbit Moving today!

Our team is dedicated to providing quality moving services at affordable prices, as well as unmatched customer service. Swamp Rabbit Moving has been recognized by Best of the Upstate and continues to grow as a national moving company. Speak with one of our friendly team members today for a price on your move!


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