Benefits of Using Climate-Controlled Storage

March 9, 2023

Swamp Rabbit Moving Greenville

Whether you have an overflow of belongings that need a temporary home or are between living situations and need to store your stuff, storage units can be a great choice. Your items will stay safe from anyone with less-than intentions, and you don’t have to worry about asking a friend or family member to hang on to your stuff, thereby cluttering up their home.

We here at Swamp Rabbit Moving offer storage options for those in Greenville! And if you’re utilizing our residential storage options, you’ll get your first month on us. We also provide commercial storage for businesses around Greenville, Simpsonville, Taylors, and Greer. Our units are climate controlled, so you can rest assured that your belongings won’t end up warped, damaged, or even destroyed due to the weather.


Extreme heat or cold can affect the atmosphere in a storage unit. If you’ve lived in Greenville for any amount of time, you already know that we can get some pretty cold weather in winter and extreme heat during the summer months.

So, what is climate control? It’s more than just turning up the air conditioning during the summer or turning on the heat in the winter. Climate control regulates both temperature and humidity. If you think the temperature alone can warp an item, think again. High humidity can damage your belongings, especially paperwork, photographs, or other essential things you might want to keep in storage.

Climate control keeps your belongings from getting too hot, too cold, or too wet.


  • Protection from Extreme Temperatures

As mentioned, Greenville can see some wild weather. The summer months are spent in grueling hot temperatures, while winter brings temperatures below freezing.

Certain sensitive items definitely require a climate-controlled storage unit. Some examples include wood furniture, musical instruments, and antiques. These items can warp, split, or even crack due to extreme temperature changes. If you have books, business or personal records, fine art, or vinyl records, you should know that these types of items can also become damaged.

  • Humidity control offers more protection.

It may not seem that important, but with the natural fluctuation in the humidity levels outside during the changing seasons, you may consider a storage unit with humidity control. Most storage units with humidity control keep the base humidity around 55% by removing excess moisture from the air.

So, why is humidity control important? It’s especially needed for items that may warp or crack (or even rot) if there’s too much moisture in the air. Antique furniture is a significant concern for too much moisture, as it can warp or crack the woodwork.

Belongings such as electronics and musical instruments, on the other hand, require some moisture in the air. Without enough humidity, items can dry out or even splinter.

Without humidity control, your storage unit may stay too damp during the fall and spring months. This can encourage mildew growth, which can (if left long enough) give your items a musty smell.

  • The air quality is fantastic.

While many people overlook air quality when picking a storage unit, it can significantly affect how often you should visit it. Without climate control, the air quality of your unit is poor, which means you’ll need to take a trip to your unit to open the door for some fresh air.

Air quality is an important factor to consider when storing any sensitive electronics or documents.

  • You get an additional barrier from dust and debris.

Because most climate-controlled storage units are inside buildings with sealed and insulated roofs, walls, and floors, they are much less susceptible to flooding or dirt tracked in by people’s shoes. There’s a much lesser chance for critters or insects to play homemaker inside your unit. Plus, less dust and debris can settle onto your stored belongings.

With reasons like thee to choose a climate-controlled storage unit, you can have peace of mind that your items stay safe, undamaged, and intact. You will only need to make a few trips to your unit to check the conditions. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the weather or humidity wreaking havoc.


Not all items indeed require a climate-controlled facility. Here are some things that should be stored in a unit with added protection:

  • Wood or leather furniture
  • Electronics
  • Artwork
  • Medical supplies
  • Wine
  • Household appliances
  • Any personal or business-related files
  • DVDs, CDs, and vinyl records
  • Photographs

If you’re ready to get your move on the road or need to store your stuff, be sure to make it a habit to contact the Rabbits! We can help you with your storage, packing, and moving needs.