The Best Questions To Ask Moving Companies

May 22, 2022

Swamp Rabbit Moving Greenville

Searching for a moving company? We feel for you. There are so many to choose from, and it’s a big decision. Not earth-shattering, of course, but important nonetheless. After all, this company will be responsible for handling and moving all of your most precious possessions. You want to be sure you choose the right one for you to keep your things safe and help lower your moving day stress.

But how do you ensure you’re selecting the right mover for you? Don’t simply choose the company with the lowest price. Read on for a few questions you can ask potential movers to determine if they are for you.

Question #1: What is your experience with this type of move?

Each and every move is different. Sure, it’s all the same at a baseline: you’re moving things from one place to another. The details, however, are varied and require an expert approach.

Thankfully, a truly expert mover will have experience in various moves. Have a discussion with your mover about your particular needs. If you’re moving out of a modern high rise and into a fourth-floor walk-up, they’ll need to know how to navigate elevators and stairwells. Shifting from a big city to a small town? Your mover will know exactly how to plan for a smooth move.

There are also instances when movers need special equipment and know-how, including moving large, bulky, or otherwise awkward items. If you have a hot tub, pool table, piano, antique furniture, or large pieces of artwork, you fit this category. Check with your mover to be sure they know how to handle these pieces with care.

Question #2: What is included in my quote?

Finding a mover feels like a lot of work; we get it. But don’t rush into signing on the dotted line so you can cross it off your list. Make sure you understand what’s included in your quote before you commit.

You don’t want to get caught with surprise fees, so talk to your mover to find out what is (and isn’t) included in the price you’ve received. Is there a charge for moving blankets or other supplies to keep your items protected in the truck? Does your mover charge an additional fee for complicated entryways, navigating staircases, or if they need to park a long distance from your door? You’ll want to know that. Ask your mover if there’s anything that may affect the overall price on moving day.


When moving your own items, if one were to get damaged, you have no one to blame but yourself. When choosing Swamp Rabbit Moving, if an item were to be damaged due to the fault of our company, we will replace the item(s) for you and take responsibility for our actions. This kind of insurance is great to have, and is not provided by many other companies. Nobody wants to have a friend move them and they end up breaking their $2,000 television. How uncomfortable would that be asking for them to pay for it out of pocket when they were trying to help you!

Work Ethic

Our team is considered one of the best in the Upstate! When you work with Swamp Rabbit Moving you know you are hiring trained and experienced movers to handle your move. What may seem daunting to you is an easy task for our team. We work hard from beginning to end of the job, whether it’s 100 degrees outside or below freezing. Our team truly cares about every move.