Gift Ideas for Friends Who Are Moving Away

December 12, 2023

Swamp Rabbit Moving Greenville

It’s always bittersweet when loved ones move away, no matter how far they’re moving. Friends, family—it’s never easy when the miles separate us from the people we love, especially around the holidays.

With the rise of technology, it’s easier than ever to stay in touch, no matter what time zone you’re in. Nevertheless, they may enjoy a sweet gift before they leave as a token of friendship or just a little something to remember you by.

Here are our top gift ideas for this holiday season for friends or family who are moving!

Online photo storage subscription
Share an online account with photo storage such as Dropbox, and you can both upload photos to share. (Hey, there’s only so much storage space on phones!)

Personalized Welcome Mat
Personalized items are always fun, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be functional. Help them decorate their new home with a custom welcome mat, whether it’s a silly phrase or something sweet and simple.

Put Together a Scrapbook
Maybe scrapbooks are a little outdated with the rise of digital photos, but there’s something super sentimental about a handmade scrapbook. Put together your favorite photos and sentimental items like tickets to a concert you went to or movie stubs. No matter what you put in it, they’ll appreciate the time you put into making the scrapbook.

Digital Photo Frame
There are plenty of smart WiFi photo frames on the market, and they don’t have to be super expensive. Load your favorite memories first, and you and your loved ones can add photos via a cloud-based app. It’s a fun way to share pictures when you’re hundreds of miles apart.

Housewarming Gift Box
These can contain just about anything and everything you can think of! Nothing says home like a box of their favorite snacks, a bag of their favorite coffee grounds, or even a few of their favorite sweets. And with the chaos that comes with moving to a new place, having a small box of comforts can put a smile on anyone’s face.

Friendship Lamps
If you haven’t heard of friendship lamps, it’s time to get on the wagon! What are they, exactly? They’re lamps, and whenever you touch yours, your friend’s lamp lights up, too. Pretty neat, right? It’s a cute way to say, “I’m thinking of you!”

Prepaid Debit Card
It’s no secret that moving can be expensive. If you’re not feeling particularly creative with a going-away gift, a prepaid debit card can help cover costs without having to carry around excess cash.

Commemorative Jewelry
Some may find it cheesy, but some folks love commemorative jewelry. Whether it’s matching bracelets or necklaces, they’re a great way to keep a reminder of your loved one close to you. Similar to the friendship lamps mentioned earlier, there are even touch bracelets that light up, vibrate, or direct them to an app.

Subscription to a Food Meal Kit or Gift Basket
There are a ton of subscriptions available online, from food delivery services such as Hello Fresh to personalized gift baskets like FabFitFun. Food can be helpful when they’re first getting settled into their home, as it offers them an easy dinner with all the right ingredients included. Gift boxes, on the other hand, can be great if you know your friend’s tastes.

Tote Bags
If you’re not in the habit of sharing sentimental gifts, how about practical gifts? Tote bags are a dime a dozen, and they’re a helpful way to carry personal items during the move.

A Gift Card to Their Favorite Restaurant
Whether they want to enjoy one last meal at their favorite restaurant before moving or their favorite food joint is nearby in their new city, nothing says comfort like your favorite dine-out meal.

Take Them Out to Dinner
Before they make their big journey, why not take your friend or relative out to dinner at their favorite restaurant? (As long as it’s not too pricey, of course!) It’s a great way to say goodbye, and you can do it at any point before they move so as to not interrupt their hectic moving schedule.

Christmas Ornament
With the holidays upon us, there’s nothing like giving a sentimental ornament for them to put on their tree. Make it funny, cute, or sentimental, and they’re sure to love hanging any kind of ornament from you!

Local Guide to Their New Town
If you can get your hands on one, a local guide may come in handy for your loved one to explore their new city.

Paper Plates/Dishes/Bowls
When all of your dishware is packed up to be moved, having disposable dishes can be an underestimated lifesaver.

Fireproof Document Bag
All those important documents that they’ll need to take with them? Check! Consider those birth certificates, marriage licenses, and other important documents safe and sound with a fireproof document bag.

No matter what you get your friend or family member, they’re sure to appreciate anything you give them. It’s always the thought that counts, not how much money you spend on something! And if you, yourself, are in need of moving services, Swamp Rabbit Moving can hop to it. Just give us a call, and we’ll get you a quote!