Top 10 Things to Do in Greenville

September 15, 2022

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Whether you’re new to the Greenville area or are a longtime resident, there are always new and exciting activities to do here! There are a ton of great things to do in our area, and we’ve come up with our list of the top ten places to see and things to do!

10. The Peace Center

The Peace Center, found downtown on Main Street near Falls Park, is a beautiful entertainment venue featuring a concert hall, theater, and outdoor amphitheater. It hosts more than 300 shows every year. Here, you can find local community theater plays to big Broadway tours and internationally known artists, so there’s something for everyone. There are also free shows and workshops from time to time, so be sure to check out their schedule!

9. Sully’s Steamers

One of the most well-known sandwich shops in downtown Greenville, Sully’s Steamers serves some of the best hot bagel sandwiches in town. Order from a variety of filling sandwiches such as The Hulk, with turkey, pepperoni, salami, onions, provolone, cheddar and Italian, or try a California Steamin’ with bacon, egg, veggie cream cheese and avocado. No matter what you fancy for breakfast, lunch, or late-night dinner, Sully’s has the perfect meal for you.

8. Mice on Main
Downtown Greenville has a few hidden secrets up its sleeve! Inspired by the famous children’s book Goodnight Moon, local artists hid nine small, bronze statues of mice along a five-block span of Main Street. If you need a few hints, you can pick up a sheet at any of the visitor’s centers, and be sure to keep your eyes open for these fun, miniature statues!

7. Greenville County Museum of Art

This small yet spectacular museum hosts the world’s largest public collection of Andrew Wyeth watercolors, and it is viewed as one of the best art museums in the South. It first opened in 1963 and now resides in a superbly modernist building. There is also a wonderful Southern Collection and works by renowned artists such as Georgia O’Keeffe and Andy Warhol.

6. Spartanburg

Looking to get out of downtown Greenville? Head to the nearby city of Spartanburg! With its stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, rich history and heritage, Spartanburg makes for a great day trip. You’ll find a sweet, charming downtown area and a thriving arts scene. The best part? It’s only about a forty-minute drive east of Greenville. Take in the historic sights or enjoy a show or concert at one of its cultural centers.

5. Children’s Museum of the Upstate

Need a fun activity for both you and the kids? The Children’s Museum is the perfect spot! It’s packed with fun, interactive exhibits and encourages your little ones to learn about the world through engaging activities. It first opened in 2009, and there are three fantastic floors of fun. You’ll find exhibits that focus on art, nature, science, technology, and community. There are also climbing structures and sensory spaces. This museum is sure to keep your kids occupied and entertained for hours!

4. The TD Saturday Market

Between the months of May and October, you can find the TD Saturday Market in downtown Greenville. It’s a huge farmer’s market with fresh produce (grown locally!) and other great finds, such as handmade art and jewelry. The items available vary depending on the season, but we’re confident you’ll find something to love!

3. The Swamp Rabbit Trail

Whether you’re looking for fantastic scenery or need to get in your daily run, the Swamp Rabbit Trail is a great way to do both. You’ll find cyclists, walkers, runners, and even skateboarders along this 20-mile paved trail that weaves its way from downtown Greenville all the way to Travelers Rest. You’ll find great shops, sights, and nature spots as you make your way along this great trail.

2. Local Breweries

With such a great atmosphere, Greenville offers up some of the best microbreweries and small-scale distilleries. If you’re a fan of craft beers and liquors, you’ll find some of the best local wares here, such as the Yee-Haw Brewing Company or the Quest Brewing Co. Looking for a bit of classic Southern moonshine? Visit the Dark Corner Distillery. Enjoy a drink and take in some live music or special events.

1. Falls Park on the Reedy

If there’s one place we definitely recommend checking out, it’s Falls Park. You’ll find gorgeous waterfalls, lush nature, and the lovely Liberty Bridge. Surrounding this birthplace of Greenville (found in the heart of downtown) are countless shops, restaurants, and attractions. With stunning views along the paths, you’ll also discover great picnic areas, public art installations, and views worth seeing more than once.

No matter if you’re visiting Greenville or just need something to do in your hometown, there are plenty of fun activities for both kids and adults in Greenville! Planning on moving to Greenville or the surrounding areas of Travelers Rest, Spartanburg, or Greer? Let Swamp Rabbit Moving help you with your move.

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