The Pros and Cons of an Autumn Move

November 29, 2022

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There are a lot of great reasons to move in the fall. And we understand, too, that sometimes extenuating circumstances mean you have to move ASAP, such as a new job or even a family crisis. But autumn is a great time to move! It’s not as busy for most moving companies, so there will be more available crews and fleets. Plus, the temperatures are milder, meaning you won’t have to move during the dog days of summer. (In that blistering heat and humidity…yuck!)

Still, every season has its advantages and disadvantages, and each comes with its own set of challenges. No matter what time of year you plan on moving, you should prepare and plan for a successful, stress-free move.

Reasons to Consider Moving in the Fall

Lower Moving Costs

The peak moving season is considered to be from Memorial Day to Labor Day weekend, which means you’re more likely to save on a move from late September to April. As previously stated, movers are in less demand, which could mean lower moving costs and cheaper prices for you. Maximize your savings by moving mid-month and mid-week when rates are lower, too.

  1. Better Weather
    No matter your favorite season, there’s no denying the beautiful weather that makes up the fall season, especially during September, October, and November. Temperatures are cooler, meaning you won’t have to haul boxes in the blistering heat, but it’s not bone-freezing cold, either. Plus, there’s no chance of snow or ice.
  2. Houses Show Well in the Fall
    If you’re selling a house, know that your house will show well in the fall. Between foliage and seasonal decorations, you’ll have great curb appeal. (Isn’t there something about fall that brings out the interior decorator in all of us?) You can stage your home with tasteful seasonal decor, and potential buyers will love it. Plus, the housing market slows down in most areas of the country from October through the winter, so you’re more likely to find a better deal on your new home.
  3. Around the Corner: Holiday Season
    By moving in the fall, you’ll be able to unpack and decorate your new home before the holiday season. What’s more exciting than decorating a brand new home for the holidays?

Three Cons to Moving in Autumn

  1. Having Kids in School
    If you have kids who are in school, you may find a fall move stressful and challenging, especially if the move requires them to change schools. They may even miss days or weeks of school in the process. Our conclusion? If you are moving with kids, you may want to reconsider moving in autumn.
  2. Inclement Weather
    Nobody wants it to rain on moving day, but rain, fog, and high winds are common during this time of year, and they’re generally unavoidable. Just one thing to consider when planning a fall move.
  3. The Holiday Season

Yes, we listed it as an advantage, but it can be stressful for some people to move so close to the holiday season, especially if you’re moving in November. With Thanksgiving upon us during the early part of the holiday season, you may not want to add the extra stress of a move while planning for the “most wonderful time of the year.”

A Few Tips for an Autumn Move

  1. Get an off-season deal.
    Fall is considered the off season, so you’ll be able to enjoy more flexibility when it comes to scheduling. (Not to mention lower rates!) We do recommend getting at least three quotes from different movers before making your final decision.
  2. Set up your utilities in advance.
    The weather is starting to get colder during fall, so it’s especially important to get your utilities (electricity, gas, and water) in time for your move. If not, you may end up arriving at a cold, dark house.
  3. Plan for inclement weather.
    There’s always a chance it could rain on your moving day, so plan accordingly. Protect your belongings with plastic wrap and plastic bins when and where you can. Keep rain jackets and boots (and umbrellas!) handy in case the weather takes a turn for the worst.
  4. Clear pathways of fallen leaves.
    The ground can be especially slippery with wet leaves, and they can make a mess when tracked into your home. Sweep and rake the leaves from the road and any sidewalks before the moving truck arrives.
  5. Protect your rugs, carpets, floors.
    Mud, dirt, and wet leaves are easily tracked into your home, so protect your floors with tarps, plastic sheets, floor mats, old towels, or even garbage bags (taped down) in both your old home and your new home.

Overall, autumn is a great time to move. Moving costs are lower; the weather is milder; and fall is a great time to sell your house and buy a new one.

If you’re ready to schedule your move, call the rabbits! We offer swift and friendly moving services.